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L'anglais de la classe politique Croate, classé

In this Index video, the infamous Mayor of Zagreb is asked “What are you wearing tonight?”

“Yes,” he answers a few times.

After a few more attempts by the interviewer, he answers “speaking Croatia.”

Akita International University, English-only au Japon

Nestled in the wooded mountains of Japan’s northwest lies a small liberal arts college that has pioneered an all-out method to raise the English-language skills of its students – total immersion. All classes and daily interactions are conducted in English at the school.

Japan has long worked to raise the English ability of its population, without which interacting with the rest of the world is much more difficult.

Vers une ligue de baseball billingue?

In his 17 years specializing in covering the international baseball landscape, Sanchez has met many of the top 15-year-old prospects as they work out before they sign with their contracts with MLB teams at 16. The rapid pace at which many players pick up English always impresses Sanchez, but he believes there’s a common stereotype when a Spanish-speaking player’s English isn’t perfect.

“They might question their education level, or they’ll speak English really loud or really slow to them,” Sanchez said. “Players are sharp. They’re smart. Just because they don’t know English doesn’t mean they’re not intelligent.”

The importance of being able to communicate leads Sanchez to believe that Spanish is going to be taught more to English-speaking American players, coaches and staffers going forward.

“I’m not surprised to run into a guy who you would never think would speak Spanish speak perfect Spanish, because part of his job requirement is to communicate with his players,” Sanchez said. “For the players, their job requirement is to communicate with our coaches. -Jesse Sanchez, Bridging baseball's language gap, bilingual players

Carlos Sierra du club école des Astros de Houston à Corpus Christie trouve ça cool :

“That’s cool,” said Sierra, a 6-foot-3, 208-pound pitcher. “When I was playing in North Carolina, everybody speaks English and when I played in Tri-City (New York) everybody speaks English. It’s cool when you can go to Chipotle and everybody speaks Spanish there.” -Carlos Sierra, Here’s why there’s more Cubans on Corpus Christi Hooks team than ever

Peut-on imaginer un joueur de hockey capable d’avouer que c’est cool d’avoir des fans francophones?

Fièvre de l'anglais signalée en Andhra Pradesh

The increase in craze for English language has resulted in slump in demand for Telugu books at the 31st Vijayawada Book Festival being held at Swaraj Maidan in the city. This is the view expressed by owners of stalls of Telugu books at the festival stating that the demand fell by 50 per cent.

“(…)It is not that people have stopped reading, but because of increase in craze for English language, which is evident at the book festival as the stalls selling English books are attracting crowds,” said Lakshman Rao, a seller of Telugu books.

Les étudiants universitaires d'Israël devront obligatoirement suivre des cours en anglais

Israel’s Council for Higher Education (CHE) said that all students starting undergraduate studies from the 2021-22 academic year would have to take at least two courses in English. Israel makes English language study compulsory | Times Higher Education (THE)

Selon le conseil, cette mesure facilitera les carrières internationales des diplômés israéliens et, surtout, le recrutement des étudiants étrangers par les universités israéliennes.

Présentement, la langue d’enseignement en Israël est l’hébreu, une langue considérée morte comme le latin il y a un siècle et miraculeusement ressuscitée depuis la création d’Israël.

Le Wisconsin veut devenir le 33e état à adopter l'anglais comme langue officielle

Noter le nom du commanditaire républicain Sen. André Jacque, qui utilise l’accent aïgu français dans son prénom et le nom de son district, De Pere, une ancienne communauté franco-américaine fondée par le Père Claude-Jean Allouez en 1671.

Le Wisconsin serait le 33e état américain à adopter l’anglais comme langue officielle. Les État-Unis n’ont pas de langue officielle au niveau fédéral.